Time+Tide is one of the world’s leading publishers of watch content. We publish a minimum of three stories a day on the website, a regular stream of videos on YouTube and whenever and whatever we feel like on social media. We also pop up on screens where you least expect it, care of partnerships with CNN and other major global media outlets. Our passion for watches is real, and it’s everywhere.

We approach watches with an open mind. Your budget, your AD relationships, the current state of  your collection, it doesn’t make a difference here – we see value at every end of the spectrum, and we can help build your collection, build your knowledge while keeping it all as fun as absolutely possible. We are all about opening up the conversation, and about giving you advice that has value.

If your watch awareness is at an – “I saw a cool watch on John Wick and landed here” – level, you are just as at home as the card carrying Horological Society of New York (HSNY) members and reference-number remembering aficionados among us. We have seen people’s love for and obsession with watches change lives. We believe in big watch energy, and we don’t mean its size.

Our vision is straightforward; to create and enable watch addicts. Our diverse team of experts and enthusiasts, from a sum total of six countries, all have one thing in common – we think way too much about that 17th Century tech we’re still attaching to our wrists. Our happiest endless conversation on Zoom is ‘what’s your next watch and why?’ Some things never get old.

Despite a lighthearted approach, we’re actually quite serious about the mission of spreading a niche hobby to anyone who lands with us, and our stories and videos are produced by some of the world’s best known watch journalists. Time+Tide’s founder Andrew McUtchen is hard to avoid in the media, and Editor, Luke Benedictus, is a consulting watch editor at several magazines and newspapers.

As a business, we are determined to have a positive impact on the world at large. We want to use the enormous goodwill of the watch community and the watch industry to power positive change in places where it is needed most. We are the proud originators of the ‘Watch & Act Auction’ which raised money for Australian bushfire survivors. We are partners with Revolution in the Pink Dial Project for breast cancer. There will be more.

Time+Tide started as a side-hustle in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia and has grown now to include a US Editor in New York City, Zach Blass, and a European Editor in London, former Editor of GQ Australia, Mike Christensen. Our Creative Director Marcus resides in Amsterdam.

For contact information for all members of our team, go to the team page.